PET FRIENDLY unit is available for TLA


At Sunny's Housing, we value your pet too! We allow your pet to stay with you throughout the duration of your TLA stay.


Our beautiful four bedroom is open and spacious enough to accommodate everyone in the family. The stunning traditional master bedroom includes an ensuite bathroom. The main bathroom is a Japanese style bathroom that was designed to separate both the lavatory and bath.


The kitchen is also fully equipped operated kitchenette. Includes; a full size refrigerator, microwave, cooking ware, table ware, coffee maker, bread toaster, and rice cooker. Washer and dryer are also included.


Plus, this gorgeous unit has easy access to the sea wall so you can enjoy the sunset and leisure time with your family.


Above  all, the family can enjoy and watch the firework show at the privacy of your unit. 


★Dining&Living room

★Enjoy walking by the ocean anytime you like!


<Property info: Chateau La Mer P-2>


Please give us a call or email to set up the viewing today!




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Sunny's Housing

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Beachside Condominium P-3 #A-1


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