Experience the Vibrant Lifestyle of Yomitan Village


Hello to all the U.S. military personnel currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. If you're looking for off-base rental properties in the area, look no further than the picturesque Yomitan Village. Here, tradition meets modernity, the beachfronts beckon, and the community welcomes with open arms.


Life in Yomitan Village is a palette of rich cultural experiences and relaxed seaside living. This charming locale is home to some of the most beautiful pottery studios, historical sites, and pristine beaches on the island.


Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of the waves lapping against the shore, the scent of fresh ocean air, and the sight of vibrant tropical flora right outside your window. The stunning coastline of Yomitan offers all this and more, making it a remarkable place to call home.


For history and culture enthusiasts, Yomitan offers ample opportunities to immerse yourself in Okinawa's rich heritage. Visit the Yomitan Pottery Village, where traditional Okinawan pottery, known as Yachimun, is alive and well. You'll find local artisans hard at work, a testament to the village's dedication to preserving its history and culture.


Outdoor enthusiasts will love the extensive hiking and cycling trails, offering breathtaking views of the East China Sea and the surrounding lush greenery. Water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing are also abundant due to the village's proximity to the sea.


However, Yomitan is not just about tranquility and leisure. The village is bustling with modern amenities - trendy cafes, international restaurants, and convenience stores, ensuring all your urban comforts aren't far from reach. Plus, the American bases are easily accessible, making the daily commute hassle-free.


At SUNNYS HOUSING, we're here to help you find a home that complements your lifestyle. We understand that being stationed abroad comes with its unique set of challenges, and we're committed to making your transition to life in Okinawa as seamless as possible.


We have a range of high-quality, comfortable, and affordable rental properties in Yomitan Village that are designed to cater to the specific needs of U.S. military personnel and their families.


In Yomitan Village, you're not just renting a house, you're finding a home and a community. Experience the best of Okinawan living with SUNNYS HOUSING. Let us help you make OKINAWA your new home away from home.


Contact us today to find out more about our available listings in this beautiful seaside village. We're excited to welcome you to your new Okinawan lifestyle!


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