Neptune Promenade

“Neptune Promenade” a home where you and your family PCSing to Okinawa can enjoy all the features that this tropical island has to offer.

“Neptune Promenade” is a 3bed 2bath 1400 sqft apartment complex that sits right in front of the pacific ocean next to one of Okinawa`s biggest parks, Okinawa Multi–purpose Athletic Park where you can enjoy all of the next features.

Perks of the Park

・Walking & jogging course around the park where the trees cover and protects you from the strong intense sunlight

・Plenty and all kinds of newly installed playground equipment so that not only you but your child can fully enjoy the park.

・Nine barbecue huts in the park that you can use if you make a reservation so you can host a party and enjoy fresh vegetables using the San-A gift certificates we give out!

・Drive-in camping zone areas within the park next to the barbecue zone so you can just drive, unpack your camping gear and have a tent up close to your vehicle if you wish.

・Huge two gymnasiums in the park that you can also use to enjoy all kinds of sports

・Bicycle rentals also within the park are available only for a few dollars!!

・Tennis courts are also available for use!

・Right next to the park sits a huge water slide pool, one of the biggest on the island

Walking or jogging in broad daylight even when it's melting hot, the tall forest trees block the strong intense sunlight and bring a nice breeze so you don't have to worry about getting age spots and keep maintaining that perpetual youth and beauty of yours.

The park is only 30 seconds away from Neptune Promenade so you can have the park that has endless entertainment like your own yard! Not even a 5 star hotel has that kind of feature!!

Despite all the great features above, Neptune Promenade is located in a very quiet neighborhood. No worries about airplane jets flying.

All the military bases within the driving commute to Neptune Promenade

Camp Foster HQ 6 min.

Camp Foster Backgate 8 min.

Kadena Gate 28 min.

Futenma MCCAS gate 15 min.

Camp Courtny Gate 15 min.

Camp Kinser Gate 15 min.

Neptune Promenade, a home your family can truly enjoy Okinawa and all of the features this tropical island has to offer. Only one call away. Please schedule for viewings.

Chateau La Mer

An apartment complex located right along the Sunabe seawall of Chatan City.

This place is famous for diving, surfing, cafes, and not to mention the great location only 5 min away from Kadena Air Base Gate 1. If you're PCSing or looking for TDY & TLA properties in Okinawa, this place is definitely the very first option to think about!!

Perks of the location

・Recommended cafes around the neighborhood.
Good day Coffee(nice avocado bread), Coffee Casa, Morning Bowls, Sidelines and much more!

・The nearest park will be the Sunabe Baba park where there is a lot of playground             

equipment for kids, basketball court, skateboard rink, and a spacious field that connects right to the beach.

・The apartment complex is located on the OCEANFRONT of the Sunabe seawall and the

building has plenty of rooms that can accomodate a single person to a huge whole family of

5~8 people. Rooms available from a 3bed 2bath 1200 sq ft ~ 4bed 2.5bath 1500 sq ft.

・Furnitures? Appleances? No need to worry, let us take care of that. All the rooms are

already set furnished and appliances fully installed which also comes with pots and pans and plates.

Imagine the great life coming to Okinawa, Japan and having an ice cold beer on your
balcony watching the Sunset as you hear the calm sound of the waves after work. Enjoy

marine activities such as diving or surfing during your weekends. Or taking your kids to the

baba park, where not only your child but also you can create a bond amongst the local
Japanese people. All of the experiences mentioned above are only steps away from“Chateau La Mer”.

Start your new chapter of life here, at your new dream home in Japan.

Access to the military bases

Kadena Airbase

Gate1 5 min

Gate2 12 min

Gate3 17 min

Camp Foster HQ   15 min

Camp Courtney    25 min

Camp Kinser        28 min

Chateau La Mer Ⅰ

Chateau La Mer, an 6 unit apartment complex that is located on the oceanfront of Mizugama, Kadena.

Mizugama seawall is famous for surfing and diving and the residential
neighborhood is a nice peaceful and quiet place to enjoy your island life.

Chateau La Mer Ⅰ , has a quit distinctive trait that differentiates than the other
properties. Not to mention the fine marble interior used inside but also a 1.5m
height × 2.5m length single-plate tempered glass window that is used in the living room.

The magnificent ocean view will definitely take your breath away looking
outside as if you're sailing by a ship through the pacific sea.             

On the rooftop of the property, a barbecue space is usable if a reservation is made.
The barbecue space has a barbecue set already installed ready to use.

For everyday groceries, there is a local supermarket (San-A) nearby the
property where you can purchase Okinawa`s fresh groceries.

Now, take my hand and let me show you a real adventure!

Military Base Access

Kadena Gate 43 min

Kadena Gate 110 min

Kadena Gate 215 min

Kadena Gate 310 min

Camp Courtney20 min

Camp Hansen40 min

Camp Lester15 min

Camp Foster HQ15 min

Camp Kinser25 min

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