DoDea Teachers in OKINAWA!!


Hello DoDDs Teachers that are coming to OKINAWA!!

Okinawa is such a great place. One the great things of being a Dodds teacher is that you get to stay here longer than the active duty. The active duty people that get stationed here usually PCS within 3~5 years. However, if your a Dodds teacher the average is about 5~10 years. I`ve heard there was a teacher in the past that stayed in Okinawa as a teacher for 15 years. 


Its surprising you can even stay here that long!! That is why choosing housing is a very important decision when live offbase. The move-in expenses will be reimbursed by the government for your first move-in, however, if it turns out that you didn`t like that house and want to move to another place, most of the times the secondary off base move-in expenses will not be reimbursed by the government. Which means that will come out of your pocket.


So, what is it that I am implying you ask.

Well, if your house is a  waterfront unit of  Araha Beach or Sunabe seawall, I can say there`s a low chance that you will be unsatisfied.


In real estate, location means everything.  And we Sunnys Housing manage the top tier water front real estate in Okinawa. If you are looking for a place to secure throughout your time in Okinawa, Sunnys is the way to go. We don`t just supply housing for you to live in. We supply a environment of chances for you to intergrade with the Okinawan culture. All the locations where our properties are is a place where you can be close to the local community. The cafes, bars, restaurants are all in walking distance for you to have that great Japanese experience!


For further information, stop by or give us a call !


Have a great weekend!








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