Hello, Hello!! Okinawa new comers!

Today, I would like to introduce the area of Chatan Sunabe Seawall area. This area by far, I can is the most popular area and the hot spot of Okinawa. Considering that Sunabe is only 3 min away from Kadena Gate 1, this area is the first place many military and civillian personnel will come up in mind to live. 


Sunabe seawall refers to a long jogging course along the Sunabe ocean which overlooks American village and the pacific ocean. Along the seawall you can see hotels, cafes`, bars, ocean front condos (which we manage by the way), surf shops, and diving shops. There is just so many activities going on you will not be bored if you live in this area. 


As for the commute time from the military bases to the Sunabe area are as follows.

3 min to from Kadena Gate 1

10min to Kadena Gate 2

5min to Camp Lester

10min to Camp Foster commissary gate

15min to Torii Station


As an interesting fact,  the Sunabe area once was a unpopular area for the local people which is extremely difficult to imagine seeing so many people now. This was about 30 years ago, when military offbase housing wasn`t known as much now. The Sunabe area back then was just considered a noisy area where all the jets fly and since land is close to the ocean that Okinawans concerned that their vehicles will get rusty living close to the ocean.

As a matter of fact, a few real estate development companies decided to shift their way to develop off base rental properties for the military personnel than to develop houses for the local Okinawans to live. As a result, the increase of many american residences in that particular area led to an environment of many american related businesses to emerge such as cafes`, bars, and restauants. This was the first rise of Sunabe to become a place where the locals and tourists to visit to have fun. In addition to that, since the occupancy rate of properties were so high with americans, if you were to go into the area, it was as if you were like in the United States.


Now, Sunabe is known for its wide variety of people from all around the world and not to mention the wide variety of cuisine.




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