Is THANKSGIVING a thing in Okinawa ?!?!


Hello hello Okinawa New Comers!

Thanks giving is almost there. What do you have planned in mind for Thanksgiving?? 

Japan has intergrated the culture of Halloween and Christmas from America, however, Thanksgiving is still not a thing here in Japan unfortunately. Maybe as the years go by, Japan will also celebrate Thanksgiving someday.


Today, I would like to talk about a Japanese holiday thats not exactly the same as Thanksgiving but something similar which is called "Obon" in August which is 3 days from AUG 13~15. Obon is a holiday which the Japanese people welcome and celebrate their ancsestors and spirits  back to this world to visit their relatives. The way the people harvest and gather around is just like same atmsophere as Thanksgiving.

Although, there is a another country that has a holiday with the exact same context as the "Obon" holiday in Japan.


That country is... Mexico!!

Believe it or not Mexico`s holiday "Dia de Muertos" from OCT 31st ~ NOV 2nd is also a holiday season to celebrate and welcome the families returning from the dead. Maybe some of you know this by the Disney movie "Remember me". 

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving 




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