Today, I  would like to mention all the recommended hot spots in Chatan especially cafes`and restaurants!

First, assuming you just newly came to Okinawa, I`d like you to try Sushi out. On the route 58 which is the main road of Okinawa, you will notice there is three 100 yen sushi restaurants in the same area. These 100 yen sushi restauants is not bad. Although, my recommendation as far as Sushi in Chatan is actually a place called `Hokkaido Sozai`. This restaurant has really fresh Sushi that is definitly top tier. My recommend is Salman.


My next most recommended restaurant in Chatan is right out side of the Araha Beach gate which is only a miniute away from our office by the way. This restauant is called CHAO CHAO and is a combination of Okinawa and Chinese food. This restaurant is good for dates and you will be able to enjoy the deep joy of food. I think it is interesting to experience the Chinese and Ryukyu culture from the food perspective.


Another recommended spot is a morning cafe in the Sunabe area called Good Coffee. This is the type of restaurant that is packed everyday because of its popularity. My most recommended dish is Avocado Toast. Not only the delicious morining food but Good Day Coffee has a really good and comforting atmosphere to start the day. It`s the type of vibe you`ll feel positive about. Make sure to try the avocado toast out!

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