Our pet friendly TLA units!


Hello Hello, Okinawa new comers!

We Sunnys Housing mainly manage housing for OHA or long term residences and also manage TLA units as well. 

Unfortunately, all of TLA units are occupied and reserved until next April 2023, although for people that are planning to come to Okinawa next summer, please use Sunnys TLA! 

Some big features that differentiates us with all the other hotels is that our hotels are located along the Sunabe seawall which is only 3~5 min away from Kadena Gate 1  ,the main gate of the biggest military base in Japan. Not only that, all of our units are installed with appliances from washers and dryers to ovens, microwaves, toasters and plates and pans. We also have american furnitures such as couches installed as well.

In addition, we have limited units for people who have pets. As you can see in the picture the units have enough space to accomodate crates as well. All these amazing features included and the unit still comes with a water front veiw!! How can you beat that?!

This is why our units goes by very quickly. For people that are not militarty but civilian contractors who would like to secure multiple rooms from up to 10 units, please contact us ahead of time. That way, we can coordinate and make sure for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at our properties.


We will be looking foward to seeing you around next summer 2023.


Good day!





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